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Let me share my experiences healing people through my company 3rdEnergy, LLC. My blog will explore how I’ve helped people all around western Iowa and middle to eastern Nebraska. Take advantage of my services, and possibly find yourself as the subject of one of my posts.

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Posted on December 21, 2016 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (5)

Hello all and happy holidays ! This is my first blog ever and I feel it's an appropriate time for it. As the holidays approach it is a festive time for many of us however it is also a source of pain depending on where one is at in thier life. I myself can identify with both. I can recall when I was a child doing a conga line through my grandmas house with my aunts , cousins , parents , and siblings. My grandma lived in an old two story home in North Omaha , Nebraska. 24th and Spencer to be exact. So much fun ! This was my dads mom. My grandpa on my moms side lived at 26th and Spencer and I can still see the shimmering tree and the old fashion candy. Many years have gone by and life has weaved its tapestry for all of us with pleasure and pain. Many are gone home now and even though we may not see them in the body we feel them through our hearts. I'm here to send love to all and to let you know we aren't meant to suffer but pain is a part of life. Celebrate not only the holidays but yourself as well. You are still here and you have a purpose in being here !  Keep your hearts open and call on your angels when you feel you need to. If you are like myself it's difficult at times to ask for help but know the angels are standing by to assist you with the smallest or largest task ! Be yourself and give yourself the unconditional love that is not earned but who you truly are. No perfection required !!!