3rdEnergy, LLC

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Experience a New Level of Healing

Get the break that you deserve through my company 3rdEnergy, LLC. I’ll soothe your mind, body, and spirit with my assortment of services, which are available throughout western Iowa and middle to eastern Nebraska.

Chelation – $50 per Session

With help from Ascended Masters, Archangels, and other guides, I charge and balance your chakras and energy field. I achieve this by being a conduit to the Divine and Mother Earth.

Elemental Space Clearing – $60 per Ceremony

This service is a ceremony that brings harmony to human structures in order to instill peace and balance in today’s homes and businesses. The methods used will reveal the spiritual possibilities lying untapped in our surroundings; clear negative energy; and call spirits into your home or business.

Angel Card Reading – $45 per Reading

Connect with angelic forces through my Angel Card Reading sessions. This is a time-honored traditional method to connect with angels using Oracle and Tarot cards.

ULC Ordained Minister – $90 per Ceremony

I am a member of the Universal Life Church, a religious denomination that merely believes in that which is right. As an ordained minister, I am able to perform legal wedding ceremonies in states where ULC ordination is accepted.

Fitness Training – $50 per Session

Take care of your body when you undergo my fitness training sessions. Whether you’re an athlete, someone trying to lose weight, or a weekend jock, I can help train your body for strength, power, and endurance.


3rdEnergy, LLC does not replace modern medicine. If you have a medical emergency, please contact your physician or emergency services in your area.